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About the show

This podcast is for all writers, authors and self-publishers. Hosts Alexa Tewkesbury, author, editor and proofreader (also known as Alexa 1) and Alexa Whitten, author, typesetter and independent book publisher (also known as Alexa 2) talk you through the entire self-publishing process, from initial book idea to ultimate published product.

After working together on many projects, the two Alexas realised that a lot of authors-to-be and writers generally need support with their authory journey. So they decided to launch a podcast to help them. 

  • Series 1 looks at where to start with your writing, including the all-important research phase, and how to develop a regular writing habit and deal with setbacks, such as writer’s block.
  • Series 2 explores the editing process, what it means and how it can really take a book to the next level.
  • Series 3 delves into the art of typesetting and what authors need to know about this process. 
  • Series 4 contains bonus episodes packed with information on topics like creating book titles and back-cover blurbs, how to incorporate calls to action, useful editing and typesetting terms, plus there are recommendations for books and blogs on writing, and a discussion on traditional versus self-publishing.
  • Series 5 is all about the actual publishing process. 

Each series features a special guest, who has either self-published a book themselves or has expert knowledge in aspects of book production.

 A sixth series - coming mid 2023 - will feature author interviews. 

So sit back and enjoy the show... And if you’ve got ‘write a book’ on your list of goals or dreams, then this podcast is most definitely for you!

About the Hosts

Alexa Whitten

Publisher, author and typesetter

Alexa Tewkesbury

Editor, author and proofreader