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Kylie Dixon

Author, illustrator and founder of The Northern Lass Lounge

Kylie Dixon is an artist and illustrator living in the North East of England. After 18 years of working in a bank, she walked away and decided to follow her dream of making a living from creating beautiful things. Her obsession with mushrooms began as she pondered her next artistic move whilst walking through the woods. Looking down at her feet, Kylie noticed an abundance of tiny mushrooms. Giving it a ‘goog’, she read that spotting mushrooms in the wild was a symbol of positivity, and so her art business ‘Mushroom Marvellous’ was born. Every piece of artwork created has a hand-illustrated mushroom in the design, as a gesture of hope and positive change.

From there, and with the encouragement of her ‘shroomy’ followers in her Facebook group, Kylie’s first foray into her authory life began. Her debut book Inkcap and the Nethers was a runaway with success, with The Blight of the Bonnets soon following. These stories, based upon real life action in her Dad’s allotment, are now inspiring children all over the North East – and wider – to believe in themselves.

Kylie has a passion for connecting with her audience and can now be found touring local primary schools and book events. In April 2020, Kylie was a featured author at Seven Stories in Newcastle and enjoyed meeting Inckap fans at her own book signing in Waterstones, Durham. With her inspiring workshop about her mushie book characters, and her journey from Seaham Lass to Author and Illustrator Legend, Kylie is handing children all over the keys to unlock their own magic within.

June 14, 2021

The Pen to Published Podcast

EPISODE 8: INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR KYLIE DIXON In the last episode of series 1, the two Alexas talk to an author they've both worked with, Kylie Dixon, about her wonderful debut children's book, Inkcap and the Nethers. A fascinating insight …

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